At Geheimgang 188, the well-known concept of Escape Games has been enhanced through storytelling: your goal is not to escape the room but instead you experience an adventurous story in real time.


At Geheimgang 188 a fascinating story takes you into a different world for one hour. For us, the most important thing is not to string together any loose puzzles, but to let every brainteaser influence the story of the game.

Riddles and Hints

Find the hints hidden within the room and solve all the riddles to complete your mission. You will need brains, observational skills, cleverness and cooperation when solving the mysteries. But beware: you only have 60 minutes. The clock is ticking…

A new World

As soon as you enter Geheimgang 188, you’ll feel like you’re in a new, undiscovered world. The setting, the smell and the narrative: everything lets you immerse yourself in this entirely different reality.

Attention to Detail

Everything in Geheimgang 188 is handmade and the decoration is carefully arranged. And of course, every self-designed riddle is one of a kind.

Geheimgang 188 was the first Escape Game to open in Winterthur. Fiction and reality melt into a unique adventure.


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Choose one of our three games and be ready to experience a completely different story in each adventure.


Christmas party, wedding or birthday - we'll bring the escape room to your place!

Giftige Rache

Toxic Revenge

A dangerous toxic attack at your event with countless innocent people on site! No time for evacuation. Only you, as a part of the special unit “Cobra” can stop the assault. Just 15 minutes before the bomb explodes and time is ticking mercilessly…


The prices depend on your group size


CHF 50.- / Person

CHF 100.-


CHF 40.- / Person

CHF 120.-


CHF 35.- / Person

CHF 140.-


CHF 30.- / Person

CHF 150.-


CHF 30.- / Person

CHF 180.-

Outside opening hours

per group

CHF 200.-


A special gift

Would you like to make a special gift? An hour full of adventure, riddles and unforgettable memories? We conveniently send the voucher to your home – no easier way to make someone happy!


The Escape Game to play at home

Puzzle your way through the EXIT-games with your friends at the kitchen table. This requires wits, team spirit and creativity. Follow unusual paths, find hidden clues and crack the codes! The game material may be folded, written on or torn. (Attention: The games are in german only!)


Are you looking to make an event extra special? You've come to the right place!

Team Event

To make your team event as convenient as possible we can open the doors of Geheimgang 188 on request outside opening hours – just for you and your colleagues!


You want someone’s birthday to be very special? Book your time slot online and then contact us. We are excited to assist in making this experience unforgettable. If you want, we can hide your gift in our game.

Bachelor Party

Are you arranging a bachelor party 2.0? Geheimgang 188 is perfect for you! There’s time and space to meet each other before you start the game. At the end we will capture the moment in order to keep alive the memory once you leave our catacombs.


A big THANK YOU to our supporters and partners!


Here you should find the answers to any questions you may have. Should something still be unclear please contact us using the form provided.

You can play all our games in English and German.

Since the puzzles are quite difficult to solve, we do not recommend groups consisting of children only. However, if you accompany them and play, for example, as a family, the kids are a great asset and will certainly enjoy the game – who doesn’t like to slip into the role of a detective!?
We recommend groups of kids only from the age of twelve onwards. Our game masters monitor the groups via cameras and will ensure to support them with more or fewer hints to guide the group through the game.

No, absolutely not. It’s an adventure you’ll experience in real time, but it doesn’t hold any horror-like surprises in store.

Our games are designed in a way that you can leave the room through at least one door at any time and we assure you that you will never be locked in. Additionally, we believe that the rooms are large enough to feel safe.

Right across the street in Hall 53 at Katharina-Sulzer-Platz there is a parking lot (for a fee). Other than that “Lagerplatz-Areal” is car-free. We are also easily accessible by public transport (only a 10 minute walk from Winterthur main station).

This is not a problem as long as you don’t exceed the number of 6 as a game can be played with a maximum of six players only. Should you have booked two or three games and, due to sudden cancellations you won’t require all of them, please contact us to discuss your options.

Sure! All common debit-, credit- as well as Postfinance-cards are accepted in the catacombs.

Unfortunately not. For safety reasons, we kindly ask you not to take bring your dog along.

You’ll find all the things you need to solve the puzzles in the room. Except maybe your reading glasses.


Many customers have left us an online review. We would appreciate your feedback too!


Do you have any questions? Maybe suggestions? Do you want to support us or just say hi? Reach out to us and we will answer as quickly as possible!

Lagerplatz 2
8400 Winterthur

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052 525 14 14

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