Pick the appropriate offer for your team

The offer for groups up to 18 people

The offer including aperitif and dinner

The offer including a team coaching

The offer including a tour of the Sulzer area for groups up to 36 people

The game for your own party


Only your team in the game against time


A maximum of 18 players per time slot (1h 30 min)


Combine your challenge with an aperitif, lunch or dinner

Price / Group

The price varies depending on the group size and time slot booked
Up to 6 people: CHF 100 – 200
Up to 12 people: CHF 260 – 400
Up to 18 people: CHF 430 – 540
19 to 36 people: CHF 570 – 1080

Come and save the world

This offer includes the visit of our Escape Games. With your team you will experience a gripping adventure growing you all closer as a team. You either immerse yourself in the 20ies to save Sherlock Holmes’ life, you assume the role of an evidence securing force and examine the secret hideaway of a dangerous villain or you descend into an abandoned mine to reveal the secret hidden within.

Possible order of events

For up to 18 people

16:15 o’clock: Arrival at Geheimgang 188
16:20 o’clock: Start escape game
17:40 o’clock: End escape game
17:45 o’clock: Leaving Geheimgang 188

More than 18 people?

Our games are designed for 6 people to be playing at a time in each room. Since we offer three different scenarios, 18 people can be solving puzzles simultaneously. Should your group count more than 18 people you can split up and play in turns. In that case, we recommend the combination offers “+ TOUR “ and “+ GASTRONOMY”: whilst half of the group tackles an exciting escape game the rest can enjoy a tour of the Sulzer area or mentally prepare for the challenge whilst savoring an aperitif. Subsequently the groups swap.


Your stomachs will be growling after the adrenaline rush!

Gastronomy partners

We are pleased to recommend our nearby partners:

All is well that ends well

And how to better end (or start…) a team event than with a culinary experience? That’s exactly what our gastronomy partners are concerned about. From simple aperitifs to full programs including dinner – no matter what your wish may be, our partners will be sure to assist.

Our Offer

Tell us which of the gastronomy partners you would like to work with and we establish the contact. The respective partner will get in touch with you directly to make an offer based on your wishes.

Possible order of events

16:15 o’clock: Arrival at Geheimgang 188
16:20 o’clock: Start escape game
17:40 o’clock: End escape game
17:50 o’clock: Aperitif
18:20 o’clock: Dinner


Strong teams have strong communication skills

Group size

Up to 12 people


Combine your experience with an aperitif, lunch or dinner

Price / Group

Up to 6 people: CHF 600 – 1000
Up to 12 people: CHF 1200 – 1450

Communicate well – even under pressure

Team members give each other instructions, make expectations transparent and don’t shy away from providing constructive feedback. In our special offer “Team coaching in the escape room” you will expand your knowledge of different roles in a team, you shall attempt to identify your team’s communication patterns and get to know approaches on how to improve them. Before entering an escape game at Geheimgang 188, you will refresh your knowledge on essentials of successful communication in a quick team coaching session provided by organisation consultant Niel Sharan. With the aim of applying the newly acquired knowledge you shall meet the challenges waiting for you in our games as a team. In a subsequent reflection you will discuss your lessons learnt and try to derive some findings to enhance your day to day team communication.

Our offer

You have the possibility to choose from two settings:

– The fully accompanied offer (with preliminary discussion and debriefing)

– The offer with independent evaluation (by means of a questionnaire)

Possible order of events

13:00 o’clock: Communication training at Niel Sharan consulting
14:40 o’clock: Escape game at Geheimgang 188
16:00 o’clock: Evaluation (30 – 60 minutes) at Niel Sharan consulting or independently (e.g. whilst enjoying a refreshment at “Les Wagons”)


Get to know the industrial area – over and under ground

Group size

Up to 36 people


Combine your experience with an aperitif, lunch or dinner

Price / Person

CHF 74 without food
CHF 90 with aperitif
CHF 104 with «aperitif riche»
CHF 127 with aperitif and main course

On the industrial trails of Winterthur

The time of the big industrial production is over but by no means has the Sulzer area gone quiet. Where locomotives and steam engines once used to be built, the air is filled with enthusiasm and vividness. Surrounded by modernity and nostalgia, Students, designers, entrepreneurs and residents find inspiration in this area giving rise to thoughts and ideas. Your group will get the opportunity to look behind the facades of an exciting part of the city and practically witness the urban development live. The experience is topped off with an exciting escape game in the catacombs of the Sulzer area.

Possible order of events

For up to 36 people
14:30 o’clock: Meeting at Portier
14:40 o’clock: Group 1 at Geheimgang 188 / group 2 on area tour
16:20 o’clock: Group 2 at Geheimgang 188 / group 1 on area tour
17:30 o’clock: Joint aperitif or dinner


We set up our mobile escape game at your party

Group size

30 – 75 people


The price is dependent on your location and the requested time slot. We will happily create an offer based on your personal request.

Toxic Revenge

People are in a festive mood; the atmosphere is cheerful and carefree. People are eating, drinking, laughing, dancing – in a nutshell: a perfect party! You as the host are extremely pleased. Suddenly a waiter storms at you, wildly gesticulating and gasping for air. The caretaker has planned a poison attack on the party! Without hesitation you alert the special force “Cobra”; experts in toxic attacks. Having rappelled from the helicopter, just as the door to the technical room is opened, they spot a watch: 15 minutes until the toxic bomb explodes and poisons all of your guests…

How it all works

We transport the game to your party location and set it up along with all the riddles. All we need you to provide is a room (or tent / hut) with a power connection.

Two game masters will be on site during the event. A game lasts 15 minutes and a group can consist of two to five puzzlers. The players will be introduced into the game and storyline, before they immerse themselves into the adventure. A game master will supervise the game and provide hints if needed. A minimum of three groups can start the game per hour.

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