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The mobile Live Escape Game for your event

Company event, birthday or wedding - we bring the unforgettable extra to your event!


Geheimgang 188 assembles a mobile escape game just for you and your guests at your venue – excitement, thrill and action is guaranteed.

The Game

Every group of guests has 15 minutes time to solve the riddles and to prevent a criminal toxic attack; but for that they need wits, team spirit and creativity. The mobile game is suitable for every age.


All we need is a room, tent or cabin with power connection to set up our mobile game.

The Game «Toxic Revenge»

What a nice party! Everyone is drinking, chatting, laughing and having a good time. Everything seems to be perfect. Suddenly, a waiter runs towards you. He looks agitated as he leads you to the beverage warehouse, where you are shocked to find a waitress lying on the floor. Is she still breathing? Is she dead? You examine the door to the technical room behind which you can see white smoke emerging. Only now you realize what’s happening and shivers run down your spine. In a conversation with the facility guy earlier, he was upset and complaining about the, apparently, impolite guests. He was foaming with rage and babbled something about the respect he deserves. You thought he was joking but the waitress and the smoke are real: a dangerous poison attack at your party! There is no time for evacuation as the area is too large. That’s why you’re calling the special unit “Cobra”;experts for toxic attacks. As they arrive with their helicopter and open the door, they see a timer: 15 Minutes until the bomb explodes poisoning all your Innocent guests.

How it works

We’ll set up our mobile game at your venue. All we need from you is a room or tent with power connection.
During the event, two game masters will be on-site to instruct the players. One game takes 15 minutes and can be played by a group of two to five people. First, the players will get a  brief introduction into the game and story. During the game, a game master will be watching the players via camera and provide guidance if necessary using hints. In one hour, approximately three groups can play.

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