Sherlock Holmes

Do you have what it takes to save Sherlock Holmes from being executed? Become Dr. Watson, face Moriarty and solve Sherlocks most difficult case yet!

London, October 1911. A rainy day. All the headlines show the same news: the precious necklace of Her Majesty the Queen was stolen. The thief was caught: the infamous Sherlock Holmes. His sentence: death penalty. When? Today!
You, Dr. Watson, are outraged. What has your friend, Sherlock, done? And why? Sherlock calls you from prison and explains everything: he was lured into the trap by Moriarty, his archenemy. Moriarty stole the diamond necklace and laid out traces to make it look like Sherlock was the thief. Albeit the necklace is still missing, for Scotland Yard the case is clear and Sherlock is going to be hanged in one hour.

Sherlock asks you to sneak into Moriarty’s office and to find the piece of jewelry to prove his innocence. You have one hour to save Holmes from the gallows. Otherwise, Moriarty’s demonic plan would work out and your dear friend will die in disgrace.

It’s your chance, Watson, to prove the world your skills. Hurry up, time is running…!


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