The Secret of the Mine

Become a buddy: Descend into the abandoned mine and reveal the secret buried inside the mountain. Do you get back to daylight before the earthquake?

Ever since the earthquake a few years ago the Blackrock-Mine has been closed and sealed. Back then, big parts of the infrastructure were damaged and multiple tunnels buried. A cold wind blows through the shafts of the deserted mine.

A person of your groups slips into the role of Alex whose father once worked in the pit and sadly disappeared during the earthquake. He has been missing ever since, leaving Alex to grow up as an orphan.

Descend into the mine one last time and find out what happened at the time. The tragic earthquake was never properly investigated… So, let’s go: pull on your overalls, put on your safety helmets and become mine-buddies!

Please note: there is a small passages for which crawling resp. the ability to duck down is required. This game is not wheelchair accessible.

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60 min